Houttuynia cordata ’Chameleon’ (Chameleon Plant)

Houttuynia is a herbaceous plant, originally from Japan.
'Chameleon' is a selection found between seedlings of Houttuynia cordata. The plants make many stoloniferous roots. Hardy to - 25°C. Plant 6  to 10 plants a m².

About 25 cm.

White, June-August.

Leafs are heart-shaped.  The dark green leaves are strikingly variegated with, pink, yellow, red and scarlet red colours. Not wintergreen. Regenerate easily after winter.

Full sun or half shade. The colours of the leaves are the most attractive in full sun.
Grows easily in any type of soil, prefers moist. Houttuynia makes many suckers in a soil rich on humus when planted as a ground cover.

As ground covering plant in sun or half shade. Under shrubs or trees or in combination with little shrubs or perennials.

Before planting, place the plant in water so the soil and roots can absorb water.
Prepare a planting hole 2x width and height of the pot. Put organic material e.g. peat or compost in the hole in order to retain water. Take the plant from the pot and put the root ball in the hole, not too deep, just below surface. Fill up the hole and tread the ground firmly.

A rootcontrol in the soil can be necessary to control the suckers.

If fertilisation is necessary, do so in spring just before the young shoots start growing, with a standard fertiliser. Cow manure grains can also be used.

Houttuynia is excellent in plant bowls on balcony or terrace.

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